Juvéderm® (or Juvederm®)

Juvederm Filler
Our Juvederm in Worcester treatment is a gel-like hyaluronic acid dermal filler material new to American patients. In other parts of the world, such as Canada and Europe, Juvederm has been used safely for many years. The compound is made in the laboratory by connecting natural occurring hyaluronic acid molecules for longer lasting benefit.

Lasting Improvement of Unwanted Furrows and Creases

Juvederm has been used extensively for cosmetic facial enhancement around the globe. Dr. Fechner’s broad experience with various soft tissue fillers allows him to choose the right filling agent for the specific needs of his patient. Juvederm is successful in filling in deep furrows and creases such as laugh lines around the mouth, deep nasal furrows and Marionette lines (sometimes also called frown lines) at the corner of the mouth. Because a smooth facial contour represents a youthful characteristic, softening these deep lines often provide a dramatic improvement.

Juvederm® – A HA Dermal Filler

Over the last decade, hyaluronic acid (HA) based skin fillers have emerged as efficient compounds to fill unattractive creases and wrinkles. This category of dermal fillers appear superior to the older collagen based materials for its improved longevity, safety and natural feel. They can be classified as temporary agents with intermediate longevity – usually around 6 months, sometimes even longer. Hyaluronic acid is a normal compound of the human skin where it contributes to the skin’s pliability and soft feel.

Valuable Attributes

Juvederm carries beneficial characteristics:

  • It is synthesized in the laboratory
  • It is NOT made from animals or human cadavers
  • It does NOT require skin testing
  • It is a transparent HA gel that lends it its natural feel
  • It is relatively long-lasting

Long-Lasting Temporary Dermal Filler

Normal hyaluronic acid is turned over and broken down in a relatively short period of time. Juvederm features good longevity due to its cross-linking between hyaluronic acid molecules. It is this extensive network of bridging bonds that leads to a delayed and slow break down by our body. The exact time Juvederm will provide softening of the patients furrow depends on multiple factors including the specific facial region treated, the amount used, the skin type and other specific factors of the patient. For instance, in the nasolabial creases around the nose, Juvederm may last 9 months. Because of the lip’s rich blood supply, Juvederm may last only 6 months in this region.

Is There Pain Associated with Juvederm Treatments?

Dr. Fechner routinely numbs beforehand the region to be treated with Juvederm. The local anesthetic is applied similar to the dentist’s approach and allows a painless treatment with Juvederm.

What is the Recovery after Juvederm Injection?

Although there is routinely gentle puffiness after placement of Juvederm, this usually does not limit the patient’s ability to present her or himself to the public. Although a possibility, bruising is uncommon.

Recommendations before Juvederm Treatment

Usually, little preparation is necessary before our Juvederm in Worcester injections take place. We do recommend not taking aspirin or ibuprofen one week before your appointment to further minimize any possibility for bruising. If the patient plans lip enhancement and suffers from frequent cold sores, Dr. Fechner may recommend short prophylactic treatment with an antiviral medication.

Important Consideration after Juvederm Application

No restrictions are necessary for make-up and skin care regimen. We do recommend withholding exercise for a minimum of 12 hours after your Juvederm injection. Avoid direct sun exposure, visits to a tanning salon or sauna for 3 days after your treatment. Dr. Fechner recommends gentle massage of the areas treated. Cold compress application can speed up resolution of any puffiness.

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