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In February of 2005, Lifestyle Lift® of Massachusetts (LL MA LLC) asked Dr. Fechner to help introduce the Lifestyle Lift® to Greater Boston and Massachusetts. Although Dr. Fechner is not any longer affiliated with Lifestyle Lift®, he personalized the procedure to meet the unique goals of his patients in New England. For more information about Dr. Fechner’s advanced and personal approach to fast-recovery facial rejuvenation, learn about the Finesse Lift™.

Written September 19, 2012

In August 2012, Dr. Fechner was contacted by Scientific Image Center Management, the Exclusive Management for Lifestyle Lift®. The company’s legal counsel stated that the Lifestyle Lift® surgery has changed over the last few years and ancillary surgical procedures may be available. Please follow the link for additional information and the full content of this correspondence.

Written December 28, 2007

When Dr. Fechner performed the Lifestyle Lift®, TV media was interested in learning more about this new minimal-invasive facelift and inform their viewers about the Lifestyle Lift®. Common questions asked by both reporters and patients included:

What is the Lifestyle Lift®?

The Lifestyle Lift® is a mini facelift option which is performed in a Lifestyle Lift® office under local anesthesia. Commonly, sedative medications are given to the patient before surgery. The surgical procedure takes usually one hour to perform.

What is the Lifestyle Lift® NOT?

The Lifestyle Lift® is not a “Thread Lift”; results of the Lifestyle Lift TM are more remarkable and longer-lasting. During the Lifestyle Lift®, no barbed-wire like sutures are used as in a “string lift” or “Thread Lift”. The Lifestyle Lift® is not a comprehensive facelift.

What is done during the procedure?

The original Lifestyle Lift® tightens loose facial tissues and re-positions it with the help of sutures. Excess skin is usually removed. This leads to improvement of jaw line and neck.

What are the limitations of the Lifestyle Lift®?

As outlined in the consent forms of the Lifestyle Lift®, the procedure alone may not correct droopiness of the cheeks and deep nasolabial creases. Patients with heavy necks may experience limited improvements. Because the Lifestyle Lift® is a “smaller” surgical procedure than a comprehensive facelift, the improvements of the Lifestyle Lift® cannot be that of a full facelift.

For added improvement of droopy cheeks, nasolabial creases and heavy necks…

Dr. Fechner realizes that droopiness and volume loss of the cheeks contribute to aging effects involving the mid face, cheeks and nasolabial (laugh) creases. Also, patients with heavy and loose neck tissue may want more dramatic improvements. Therefore, he introduced the Finesse Lift™. Patient’s options include fat transfer, mid face lifts, fillers and corset neck lifts for a balanced improvement of the face.

Which ancillary procedures may further enhance a patient’s facial aesthetic?

Dr. Fechner believes in a personalized approach to rejuvenation for a balanced facial appearance. Aside from eyelid lifts, the outcome of the Finesse Lift™ can be further enhanced with ancillary procedures designed to address a patient’s specific problem areas and to fit the lifestyle. These may include elevating droopy eyebrows, softening of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, chin enhancement and correction of deep frown lines. These procedures are not available for the Lifestyle Lift®.

Lifestyle Lift Face Lift

Only the consultation and a thorough examination by Dr. Fechner can determine the candidacy for the innovative Finesse Lift TM procedure. Although most patients benefit significantly from the Finesse Lift TM, some may require a traditional face and neck lift to achieve the desired result. Therefore, the Finesse Lift TM does not replace a comprehensive facelift but is an additional option in the spectrum of rejuvenation procedures. Other patients’ lifestyle may be better served with even smaller office procedures, i.e. wrinkle and skin filler treatments or skin rejuvenation treatments.

Dr. Fechner has successfully performed fast-recovery face lifts on hundreds of patients from Massachusetts (Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Waltham), Rhode Island (Providence), Connecticut (Hartford, New Haven), New Hampshire (Nashua, Manchester, Portsmouth) and Maine (Portland).

For further reference and current information about the Lifestyle Lift®, visit the official Lifestyle Lift™ website:

Lifestyle Lift® is a registered trademark of Lifestyle Lift Holding Inc. located in Troy Michigan. Dr. Fechner performed hundreds of Lifestyle Lift® procedures while associated with Lifestyle Lift Holding Inc’s Massachusetts based company called LL MA LLC at their facility in Waltham, MA. Dr. Fechner is no longer associated with Lifestyle Lift Holding, Inc or LL MA LLC. Any references to Lifestyle Lift® are intended to provide information and comparison purposes and are not approved by Lifestyle Lift Holding, Inc or LL MA LLC. For further reference about the Lifestyle Lift®, visit the official Lifestyle Lift™ website:

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