Lip Reconstruction

Lip Reconstruction SurgeryOur lips are important facial structures, both for functional and cosmetic reasons. If a purely cosmetic lip enhancement with the help of soft-tissue fillers is desired, Dr. Fechner places emphasis on a natural appearance without interferrence of normal lip movement.

Lip reconstruction may become necessary because of three main reasons:
First, lip cancer continues to be a common condition with the continued rise of skin cancers. Its risk factors include the exposure to sunlight, smoking an alcohol consumption.

Second, lip trauma is most often the result of animal bites with dog bites being the most common. But motor vehicle accidents may also result in trauma to the lip.
Third, the cleft lip deformity is one of the most common malformations encountered in newborns.

Regardless of the origin, the goal of lip reconstruction is a normal mouth function and good cosmetic appearance, both statically (with the lips at rest) and dynamically (during movement).

The main principles of lip reconstruction include that the lip muscle must be repaired carefully to reconstitute its ring shape for appropriate mobility and the lip-skin border requires precise alignment for best aesthetic appearance of the lips.

Dr. Fechner provides lip reconstruction services to patients who come from Worcester, Framingham, Natick, Boston, Newton, and areas throughout Massachusetts. Contact the clinic to set up a consultation.

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