Pre and Post Surgical Treatments

Pre-Surgery Skin Preparation

Healthy and well prepared skin greatly improves post-surgical healing. Our Medical Aestheticians will provide you with the tools you need to achieve skin that is going to recover quickly after surgery.

Post Surgical Recovery Treatment

This post-surgery treatment aids recovery by increasing circulation and speeding up the drainage of trapped fluids from the face through the lymphatic system. The aestheticians will apply delicate, wavelike movements to the face and neck to help reduce swelling and detoxify. In addition, specific laser treatments noticeably decrease remaining bruising and assist in the healing process.

Camouflage Make-Up

Our knowledgeable staff will teach you to apply specially designed make-up to camouflage signs of active healing after surgery.

Skin Analysis Consultation and Facials

A comprehensive consultation with one of our Medical Aestheticians is provided to analyze your skin type, to recommend an appropriate home skin care regime and to plan treatments for the face and body to help you achieve your goals.
Our customized, therapeutic facials are designed specifically to maximize the benefits to your skin. We recommend adding an aesthetic strength AHA Peel to achieve optimum results.

Skin Care Products

We are offering our patients carefully selected, physician grade products to best address each patient’s aesthetic needs.
Please consult with our Medical Aestheticians for all of your skin care related questions.

* Results may vary by individual.