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Dear Dr. Fechner,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my wonderful new life!
For the first time in years, my face matches my spirit. I was descending into premature “old age” because I looked in the mirror and saw an old lady looking back. I dressed old, felt old, and acted old.

Well, I am not old anymore. You brought back my youth! I am 54 years old. As you know, I was married last month. Everyone was awestruck at how beautiful I looked. I know that brides usually have a glow, but like this. My new husband is so proud.
You did a beautiful job. My face has not changed, it’s just younger. You are truly a gifted artist. I have already sent you a new patient, too. Though it was not the most comfortable experience I have ever had, it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

Thanks again to you and your staff for a more youthful new life.

May God Bless you,

Dear Dr. Fechner & your wonderful staff –

Thank you not only for the “outside” but also for what can’t be seen on the “inside”.
I am one of the lucky ones who chose to have facial rejuvenation. I intend to make a donation to Face to Face – my small part in “giving back”.

Thank you so much!
K. L.

Dear Dr. Fechner

I can breathe better … and thank you for the chiseled look.

George V.

Dear Dr. Fechner,

While I praise for the services of your profession, there is, however, another level of the aforementioned that I must share.

You have magical hands, a bedside manner too wonderful to be taught and, best of all, you are my hero! Why? Because you took the life of a 60 year old woman, recently divorced, beginning to be emotionally distraught over the aging process and with your time, skill and that bit of “magic” you have made me feel like a princess!And, if that doesn’t make you a “hero”, I do not know what could. Thank you! I am so pleased to have met you, Dr. Fechner, and feel quite certain that you and I have future date for a brow lift. All the joy of the New Year to you.


Dear Dr. Frank Fechner

I want to say how happy I am with your wonderful job on my face & neck lift surgery last November. People give me wonderful comments of how I look after the surgery. I keep looking at myself in the mirror being extremely happy. Again, you are an excellent doctor! I am sure that God picked you to do my face/neck lift as it’s like a miracle.

Thank you a million times for a wonderful job!

Respectfully Yours,

Dear Dr. Fechner & your medical staff,

Thank you very much for the excellent facelift operation. You all made me feel at ease to have the operation performed and I felt I was in very capable hands the whole time. I am looking forward to having my eyes done.

With sincere thanks to every one of you,


Dear Dr. Fechner!

I must thank you for the fine results of my surgery.
It must have been difficult to take an old crinkled bag and smooth out long time wrinkles. Great job!
I now feel that I have my smiling “happy face” again.


Dear Dr. Fechner,

I just wanted to write and thank you and your wonderful ladies for my new face! You have no idea how this has made me feel. Beyond just vanity, it has given me a new feeling of self worth.

For twenty years I was in a very abusive marriage and told on a regular basis that I was not very nice to look at, nor a nice person. After that much time you start to believe it. I have been a single parent since 2001 and slowly regained my self esteem. I talked about my face for over two years and thought it would be selfish to do with all the other financial responsibilities I have. I’m so glad I did it and I’m so glad I picked you as my doctor. Just knowing that I feel good every day gives me a new shine!

I am thrilled each day that I look at myself and am so grateful to you all for your care and thoughtfulness. I take each day as it comes, but now they come with more joy thanks to you.


Dear Dr. Fechner:

I had my Lifestyle Lift and neck Liposuction on … of July, everything turned out perfect, and my face is back to its normal size. The Liposuction of the neck and the lift set the clock back about 10 years, I got a couple of nice complements from the ladies I work with, and I never told them I was getting the lift.
Thank you for being a very pleasant person and an excellent surgeon.

Thank you for a job well done.
Timothy F.

Dear Dr. Fechner,

After my first visit to your office, I left feeling highly impressed and quite dazzled, thinking that this must be what it feels like when very wealthy women go to world-class cosmetic surgeons. Your office is very tastefully decorated; a strong sense of confidentiality permeated the space. Relaxing cultured music played in the background. I was the only client there at the time which was a unique experience for me. Actually, over the years I have gone to a number of cosmetic treatment centers in my efforts to maintain my youthfulness but have often felt like one of a “herd”. The doctors and nurses alike were clearly on a tight schedule; we all had to talk fast and then be off.

I felt that you had all the time for me that I wanted. You wanted to know all about me, past, present, and future so that you could best help me achieve my personal visions. Everything was explained thoroughly; you unquestionable care first and foremost about your patients. I have gone to any number of good doctors, but this was mind-changing. Normally, doctors convey a sense of self-importance and authority. In sharp contrast, you engendered a sense of respect and unconditional regard for me.

Thank you,
Margaret T.

Dear Dr. Fechner,

There are no words to truly express my sincere gratitude to you. I am Lesly’s mom and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a great doctor. Lesly speaks very highly not only of your level of professionalism but of your compassion and understanding whenever she had contact with you. Not being with her was very difficult for me and it really helped knowing that you were treating her in the manner that you did. I thank you for that more than words can express.

Again, there will never be a moment that I do not thank you. You had a huge impact on the future of my daughter and I will always remember you for what you did. You have a very special place in my heart and I wish you all the success in the world. You are a great doctor and your patients are very lucky indeed.

Warmest regards,
Lori H. G.

Dear Dr. Fechner,

I want to thank you for my Lifestyle Lift I had done 5 weeks ago. You are a master. I am so pleased and never had the opportunity to thank you since the swelling went down. The Boston ladies are lucky to have you so close!!

Pamela C.

Dear Dr. Fechner,

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the results of the Botox and Radiance! Yes, there was some bruising, and my forehead was a little sore for a few days, but how refreshing to have an arch back in my eyebrows and a few less wrinkles on my face. Even though the effect is subtle to the outside world, it nevertheless makes a world of difference to one’s self-esteem.
I am so glad you were able to do it while I was there for the consult rather than making another appointment that would require me driving in again and taking time off from work. Here’s hoping the results will last quite a while, too, but I will consider any future work well worth the drive thanks to your professionalism, relaxed “bedside manner,” warm, inviting office and friendly staff.

Lynn S.

Dear Dr. Fechner,

I am writing to thank you. My Lifestyle Lift was 3 weeks ago and I could not be more pleased with the result. There is little trace of the fact that I had the surgery and what little there is, is easily covered by makeup. Some of my family members still do not know that I had the surgery even though I saw them a few days post-op. I could have easily not told anyone other than my husband and no one would be the wiser except that I look better and more youthful. As you know, my goal was not necessarily to look younger but to look my best for my son’s of wedding coming up in September. We accomplished the results that we discussed at my consultation with you and then some.

Thank you also to the staff. Everyone was courteous and professional.
I have three good friends who are very interested in pursuing the procedure that I had and I gave them your name. I would not sent my close friends to just anyone for facial surgery.

Again, thank you Dr. Fechner for your perfectionist technique. I had just at pencil line incision around my ears and much of that has faded after only a few weeks. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to you. Please add my name to your long list of happy patients.


Dear Dr. Fechner,

Four months have past since you so skillfully removed the “bags” from under my eyes.
I watched those “bags” creep up and get bigger with each passing year, giving me a tired look all the time. I did not like what I was seeing.
As time has passed, I still can’t believe the difference in my appearance! I feel GREAT! I wanted you to know. Thank you! Thank you!


Dear Dr. Fechner,

It is hard to find right words to express my true feelings. All I can say is
that your kindness, professionalism, true warmth of your staff and your art
work will never be forgotten. Looking at my face in the mirror I will always
be thinking of you and your staff. Once again, please accept my heartfelt
thanks to you.


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