Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy

Venus Freeze As Seen On TV

Venus Freeze LegacyDr. Fechner is proud to be one of the first plastic surgeons on the East Coast to introduce the Venus Legacy group of noninvasive treatments for the face, neck and body. Painless and non-invasive, the Venus Freeze treatment has withstood the test of time over the last two years. With the introduction of the new and expanded Venus equipment, we are excited to be able to offer more advanced technology for even greater benefit to our patients.  Now, the treatment can be truly focused on the patient and tailored for the specific body area in the most effective way.

After researching the Venus’ safety profile, its technology and benefits, Dr. Fechner invited the company for an in-house demo session. “This feels like a comfortable hot-stone massage”, Dr. Fechner said when the Venus treatment was performed on his neck. “I am ready to go to sleep.”

For the face and neck including fat pads under the chin, the Venus treatments can be used to tone and tighten the skin and deeper tissues. For the body including arms, belly, hips, back, thighs and buttocks, nonsurgical body contouring can be performed. This noninvasive contouring includes cellulite reduction, skin tightening and smoothening of bulges and pouches.

Who is a Candidate?

LiftFX SculptFX LogosAlthough many people with aging concerns of their face, neck and body could benefit from cosmetic surgery, not everybody feels ready to take the “plunge”. Therefore, non-invasive options such as Venus Freeze, LiftFX and SculptFX are so highly sought after. In addition, Venus treatments have the advantage of painless toning and sculpting without recovery. The Venus Legacy treatments can be performed in patients as young as 18 years old and in patients in their 60s or 70s. The ideal candidate is a young patient in their 30s to 40s who is bothered by early signs of skin and body aging.

Skin Toning and Tightening

As part of the natural aging process, the skin gradually becomes saggy and loose. This is a result of the breakdown of collagen bundles that used to be tight in younger years. In addition, the normal cells that produce new collagen (a.k.a. fibroblasts) decrease in number and become less productive over time. Through the Venus treatments, even wrinkles can be reduced by modification of collagen bundles and new production of elastic fibers and supportive elements within the skin. One of the main goals of the revolutionary Venus treatment is to reorganize and tighten aged collagen located underneath the skin’s surface. The magnetic pulses combined with multipolar radiofrequency technology of the Venus treatment will lead to thick and tight collagen bundles. Fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen which leads to improved tightness and elasticity of the treated skin. The painless treatment can be performed on the face, neck, upper arms, stomach, back, buttocks and legs. A series of 6 to 10 treatments is usually recommended in order to achieve the desired result.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite represents a rather bothersome phenomenon found in the thighs, buttocks and waist of many people. It shows as skin dimpling by interruption of the smooth body surface through seemingly random indentations and bulges. The normal architecture of the fat underneath the skin weakens during normal aging. Normally, small collagen strands separate the youthful fat into tiny compartments resulting in a smooth surface. As these fine collagen fibers lose their resilience and integrity, only larger fibrous attachments remain allowing pockets of surface fat to bulge forward. The skin surface reflects this tissue deterioration as dimples and bulges in an arbitrary pattern. The benefit of the Venus treatments for cellulite is due to multiple closely interrelated factors including an increase in blood flow, induction of new healthy collagen and limited lipolysis of fat cells. Ultimately, a reduction in the appearance of cellulite can be achieved.

Body Circumference Treatment

Although dieting and exercise may be the most effective ways of eliminating excess fat, thus may not be effective in everybody. The Venus treatment for circumferential body toning can improve skin laxity, cellulite and fat leading to an improved appearance.


The Venus Legacy Technology Advances the Time Proven Venus Freeze Treatment
Venus Freeze relies on the Multi Polar Radiofrequency and Magnetic Pulse technology, MP2 in short, a combination of radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields. The radiofrequency generator produces alternating electrical currents within the deeper skin at high frequencies of 1MHz. This leads to activation of multiple cells and allows for uniform temperature changes deep within and under the skin.

Precise Temperature Targets Through MP2 Technology
When performing the noninvasive Venus treatments, it is important to reach the target temperatures within the deeper skin tissues in a safe and reliable manner. Temperatures too high can lead to undesirable side effects including localized nodules, internal scarring and surface irregularities. Because of these concerns, the Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy treatments provide superior safety profiles due to the multipolar technology ensuring consistent and even temperature distribution within the target tissues. It is well understood that at temperatures approximately 16 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit ( 8 to 10°C) above the body’s normal temperature will induce optimal skin tightening through collagen remodeling.  Because of the unique technology of the Venus treatments, deep tissue temperatures previously only achieved using invasive treatments such as laser assisted liposuction can now be achieved using the painless, nonsurgical pulse magnetic fields and multipolar radio-frequency. Scientific studies showed that Venus treatments generated consistently higher temperatures in tissues  at a depth of 10 to 20 millimeter in comparison to the skin’s surface.

Positive Effects of Multi Polar Radiofrequency
The radiofrequency energy will transmit through the skin’s surface (epidermis) and cause it’s temperature effects in deeper layers including the dermis and subcutaneous fat. Collagen fibers become immediately shorter and thicker leading to the desired contraction of the treated tissues. Lipids stored within the fat cells will break down and the resulting by-products will be released and eliminated leading to volume shrinkage.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields and Collagen Production
The induction of new collagen synthesis is not only due to the thermal effect provided by the radiofrequency but also independently through the pulse magnetic fields. Fibroblast are the cells responsible for manufacturing collagen within the human body. The magnetic field pulses provided by the Venus Legacy device account for the induction of increased collagen, possibly by reducing an internal information transmitter (cAMP) within the fibroblast cells. These synergistic effects of magnetic fields and radio-frequency provide the tissues with a tighter and more resilient collagen network.

The Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for Vascular Regeneration
Electromagnetic fields have been applied in treatments of poorly healing bone fractures for many years. The technology’s proven benefits for aesthetic medical treatments are relatively new. Ten years ago, a research group at New York University demonstrated that pulsed electromagnetic fields can induce vascular growth, both in the petri dish and in real life. This action, a.k.a. angiogenesis, is due to the release of fibroblastic growth factor through the electromagnetic interaction with the cells. The Venus Freeze and advanced Venus Legacy treatments apply this benefit in a unique combination with multipolar radiofrequency.

Thermomagnetic Rejuvenation – A Unique Synergy of Beneficial Technologies
MP2 Technology delivers its benefits through multiple interactions with the deep skin and fat tissue including production of new collagen and it’s remodeling to a tighter and more youthful structure, improvement in the functional status of the matrix between the cells and improved vascular perfusion of the treated tissues. Given the complexity of tissue aging with the slow breakdown of both cells and non-cellular matrix, The Venus treatments represent an efficient anti-aging strategy that requires patience before the physiologic benefits become evident.

* Results may vary by individual.