Chin Augmentation Surgery (Chin Implants)

Chin Augmentation Boston
Our chin augmentation in Worcester surgery can improve the overall balance and proportion of the face. Assessment of the face includes the profile of nose, lips and chin as an aesthetic unit.

In a man, a strong chin is often associated with assertiveness and success. In a woman, a slightly smaller chin may be more aesthetically pleasing, therefore the implant size should be chosen more conservatively.

Two synthetic chin implant materials preferred and utilized by Dr. Fechner include GoreTex and Silastic. Both materials provide a cosmetically pleasing appearance of the chin and are known for their longevity and good patient tolerance.

Chin implantation may be a valuable adjuvant to rhinoplasty or facelift surgery. Chin surgery is safely performed as an outpatient procedure and the recovery time is approximately one week.

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