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The Surgery Consultation Process

The initial consultation with Dr. Fechner represents the cornerstone of the relationship between the patient and Dr. Fechner. It is the perfect time for the patient to meet the doctor, learn about his background and qualifications. It also allows Dr. Fechner to get to know his patients and understand their precise concerns, desires and aesthetic goals.

Because time pressure may be an obstacle in the communication between patient and doctor, we reserve a minimum of one hour for the initial encounter of our new patients with Dr. Fechner. The main emphasis during the consultation lies on frank discussion and education about all possible options that plastic surgery procedures and minimal-invasive treatments may offer.

After a systematic medical and surgical history has been taken, Dr. Fechner will evaluate thoroughly the overall aesthetics and anatomy of the patient’s face. This facial analysis allows Dr. Fechner and the patient to focus on the specific areas of concern. The understanding is greatly enhanced by the mirror examination. Carefully, desired facial improvements can by shown on the patient, the process of the plastic surgery procedure explained and hidden incisions pointed out.

Next, Dr. Fechner will explain in detail the importance of proper preparation for plastic surgery of the face, the specifics of the procedure itself and the recovery period expected afterwards. Ample time is given to address any questions or concerns the patient may have about their facial cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Finally, digital photographs are taken and represent an important part of the patient’s medical record. For certain procedures (i.e., rhinoplasty, chin surgery, liposuction), Dr. Fechner uses digital photo imaging, a technology that is extremely helpful to agree on realistic plastic surgery goals with the patient. During the next visit, these digitally altered photographs are presented to the patient and allow reassurance that a common goal for the facial plastic surgery procedure has been established.

For more information about our comprehensive facial plastic surgery consultations, please contact us.

New Patient Welcome Package

Download this package, fill out the forms, and bring them with you to your scheduled visit with Dr. Fechner.


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