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Finesse Lift™ refers to Dr. Fechner’s personalized approach to minimally invasive facial rejuvenation surgery with a shorter recovery.

Constantly perfecting his surgical techniques, Dr. Fechner’s Finesse Lift™ procedures are tailored to each patient’s specific facial anatomy, desires and personal aesthetic goals. Many of Dr. Fechner’s patients benefit from this advanced fast-recovery facial rejuvenation surgery he refined over the last 15 years through performing thousands of minimally invasive facelifts.

Advantages of The Finesse Lift

There are four distinguishing features of the Finesse Lift™ when compared to his more comprehensive facelift.

  • Recovery time after the Finesse Lift™ is shorter. As this procedure is less invasive than a traditional facelift, many patients return to work after only one week of recovery time.
  • Given that the Finesse Lift™ is a minimally-invasive procedure, it has a lower risk of leading to any complications.
  • The Finesse Lift™ can be comfortably performed in our office setting under local anesthesia with relaxing medication to avoid the drawbacks and risks of general anesthesia.
  • The Finesse Lift™ is more affordable.

These features make the Finesse Lift™ a procedure well suited for today’s busy lifestyle.

What the Finesse Lift™ Is Not

If you are trying to entirely avoid surgery, the Finesse Lift™ is not the right choice for you. Rather, you may want to consider the Q-Lift™, Ultherapy or ThermiTight treatments. The Finesse Lift™ is not a “S-lift” “Lifestyle Lift®” or a QuickLift™. The Finesse Lift™ provides more long-lasting results than a mini-lift for years to come.

The longevity of this minimal-invasive facelift option is in part ensured by special sutures placed strategically in key locations to suspend and hold up the muscle layer underneath the skin. Laxity due to aging in the supporting layer of tissue in the facial structure is responsible for many of the visible signs of an aging face and neck. The Finesse Lift™ is not a “thread lift” or Silhouette Lift; the results of a Finesse Lift™ are more remarkable and longer lasting.

One of its advantages is that excess skin is trimmed after the underlying deeper tissues have been lifted. This advanced surgical technique is helpful in matching the lifestyle of busy patients: it provides longevity in cosmetic improvement with a shorter recovery time.

The Deep Plane Facelift

Not every patient is a good candidate for the Finesse Lift™. Dr. Fechner performs many deep plane face and neck lift surgery for suitable patients. Only the consultation and a thorough examination by Dr. Fechner can determine if you are a candidate for this innovative procedure. Although many patients benefit significantly from the surgery, some will require a deep plane facelift or advanced neck lift to achieve the look they envision.

The Finesse Lift™ does not replace a deep plane facelift but is an additional option in the spectrum of rejuvenation procedures. On the other hand, many patients may be better served with even smaller office procedures, such as wrinkle and skin filler injections, facial volume enhancement or skin rejuvenation treatments. Not every person is prepared to undergo a surgical procedure even if it is less invasive. Rather, you may be interested in non-surgical facial enhancement treatments with less downtime, and less impact on lifestyle (see Q-Lift; Ultherapy; ThermiTight).

Frequently Asked Questions About the Finesse Lift™

Read through our answers to frequently asked questions for more information about this innovative anti-aging surgery.

Does the Finesse Lift™ only lift the skin?

No, with the Finesse Lift™, Dr. Fechner will reposition deeper muscle tissues for long-lasting facial enhancement. Facelift procedures that only lift the skin are commonly short-lived and unnatural-looking and they are therefore doomed to result in poor satisfaction.

Are sutures used?

Yes, Dr. Fechner uses strategically placed surgical sutures to re-position saggy facial tissues. Dr. Fechner uses safely and effectively a special absorbable suture material. This unique suture only begins melting away at a point in time, when the facial tissues have found they new position. After 6 weeks, the repositioned facial tissues will not require sutures to hold things up. Rather, by the process of natural healing, the facial tissues found their new position for years to come. In keeping with today’s trends and lifestyle, no permanent foreign materials are left behind in the face after a Finesse Lift™.

Is Skin Removed?

Yes, routinely skin is trimmed as part of the procedure. The lifting of deeper structures leads to excess skin that allows save and careful removal. Key in this important step during the procedure is to remove enough but not too much.

Is a Barbed-Wire like Material used during the Procedure?

No, although special sutures are used, barbed-wire sutures are not employed. These implants are used for lifting procedures like the “Thread Lift” where no excess skin is removed. Dr. Fechner does neither endorse nor does he perform the thread lift.

Will I Look Stretched or Overdone?

You will not! The goal of the Finesse Lift™ is a significant face and neck improvement with a natural appearance. Dr. Fechner’s approach to facial rejuvenation is “if in doubt, be conservative”: it is relatively easy to do a little more, but often impossible to reverse once “too much” has been done.

How Does the Finesse Lift TM Compare to a Comprehensive Facelift and Lifestyle Lift®?

The above table displays Dr. Fechner’s experience with results after various facelift procedures. Ancillary procedures commonly performed with a comprehensive facelift or the Finesse Lift™ include elevation of droopy eyebrows, softening of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, chin enhancement, cheek enhancement and correction of deep frown lines. In addition, cheek and midface improvement can be accomplished by lifting these structures or volume restoration with fat injection. Each of the procedure is often combined with eyelid lifts.

Is there a Guarantee for the Outcome after the Procedure?

Dr. Fechner promises to each and every patient that he will utilize his vast facelift experience and surgical expertise with various face lift procedures for a superior outcome of each and every of his patients. Dr. Fechner performs the Finesse Lift™ and he used to perform the Lifestyle Lift® when associated with Lifestyle Lift Holding, Inc.) keeping safety and a natural cosmetic outcome a priority. But just like any other medical and surgical intervention, various factors play a role and determine whether a patient is happy with the final outcome. These factors include each person’s individual healing and lifestyle choices after the lift such as exercise, smoking, sun exposure and nutrition. In addition, changes of weight impact also our facial appearance and will impact the apparent longevity of the procedure.

Will the Finesse Lift™ eventually make Full Facelifts Obsolete?

In a nutshell: No! Although the Finesse Lift™ will be able to achieve a significant improvement for patients with aging-related concerns, the procedure will not be able to achieve what only a comprehensive facelift can. But the Finesse Lift™ as a less invasive face lift option is here to stay because of the procedures efficacy and fit into today’s lifestyle. If a patient is interested in a procedure like the Finesse Lift™, it is important to see a surgeon who has experience in comprehensive facelifts, too. If a doctor performs only one kind of facelift procedure than this is the only procedure he will be able to offer to his patients.

Will I have Pain during the Procedure?

The Finesse Lift™ procedure itself is painless. The only uncomfortable aspect is the numbing part before: local anesthesia solution is injected under the skin with a skinny needle. Dr. Fechner performed a recent study which revealed that most patients rate the numbing-associated discomfort as mild to moderate. When asked to evaluate the discomfort associated with local anesthesia injection, most patients gave it a 2 or 3 out of 10 (1 being no discomfort at all and 10 representing the most severe pain).

Will there be Pain after the Finesse Lift™?

In general, the first night may be uncomfortable. A protective dressing is placed which will feel tight. There will be soreness around the ears. Approximately 80 percent of Dr. Fechner’s Finesse Lift™ patients use a prescription pain medication for this period of time. After the first night, Tylenol is often sufficient. Some patients never take the prescription medication; others may take it for some additional time.

Is it Safe to Perform the Finesse Lift™ under Local Anesthesia in the Office?

Dr. Fechner has safely performed hundreds of Finesse Lifts™. First, he carefully determines if a patient is a suitable candidate to have the Finesse Lift™ performed in the office; as many as 98% of Dr. Fechner’s patients are. If in doubt, Dr. Fechner will work closely with the patient’s primary care physician to agree on safety measures or to discuss what can be done in preparation to maximize a person’s health. If there are unanswered questions or doubts, the procedures can be easily performed in an outpatient hospital setting under conscious sedation avoiding general anesthesia.

Who is not a Good Candidate to be Performed in the Office?

Patients with significant medical conditions may not be suitable candidates for the Finesse Lift™ performed in the office. These conditions may include significant obstruction of the coronary arteries, need for continuous home oxygen, permanent use of blood thinners such as Coumadin, use of medications that would interfere with appropriate healing, and so on. Using his conservative medical judgment guided by safety concerns as the top priority, Dr. Fechner will make the decision on a patient by patient basis.

I am a Nervous Person; will I be Awake during the Procedure?

Virtually everybody is apprehensive going into a facial cosmetic procedure such as the Finesse Lift™. The medications routinely used by Dr. Fechner before the procedure are safe and predictable: 95% of patients fall asleep for at least part of the 60 to 75 minute Finesse Lift™. And even the very nervous person finds herself or himself relaxed during the surgery.

Is the Finesse Lift™ a Secret Procedure?

Although innovative in its nature, there is no true secret about the Finesse Lift™. The “secret” rather lays in the plastic surgeon’s experience of having performed a procedure hundreds or even thousands of times. If one combines such a vast experience with the critical eye of a meticulous facial plastic surgeon, then excellence in outcome will be the result.


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