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Sagging skin in the temple area can give the face a droopy appearance and drag down the corners of the eyes. Frank P. Fechner, M.D. performs temple lift procedures in Worcester to gently lift and rejuvenate the outer brows, outer eyes, and upper cheeks and restore a more youthful appearance to the upper face.

Dr. Fechner is known for excellence in surgery, finesse, and for the use of the most advanced surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation leading to elegant outcomes without noticeable scars.

What Is a Temple Lift?

Also known as a temporal brow lift, a temple lift is a plastic surgery procedure performed to elevate the outer brow, soften crow’s feet, and tighten the area around the temples.

Although Dr. Fechner performs a temple lift sometimes as a stand-alone procedure, more commonly he combines it with other surgeries, such as a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and face-lift. It can be performed with smaller incisions well hidden within the hairline, resulting in easier recovery and minimal scarring.

How Is Temple Lift Surgery Performed?

Dr. Fechner performs a temple lift on an outpatient basis utilizing sedation or local anesthesia. To begin the procedure, a small incision is placed in the hairline above the ear. Through this incision, underlying tissue is mobilized and then suspended to elevate the outside of the brow and smooth crow’s feet. He removes excess skin and closes the incision with small sutures.

What Is Recovery Like after a Temple Lift?

A temple lift is a minimally-invasive procedure with a relatively short downtime. We remove your sutures within 7 days after surgery. However, as sutures are hidden in the hairline, many patients are able to return to work before their sutures are removed.

You can expect some post-surgical bruising and swelling. Apply cold compresses and elevate the head during the first few days after the temple lift surgery to help reduce these symptoms.

What Are the Benefits of a Temple Lift?

Temple lift surgery can relieve heaviness and restore symmetry in the temple and brow areas. This procedure can significantly soften crow’s feet lines and create a fresher, rejuvenated appearance in the upper face and brow area. Frank Fechner, MD is a facial plastic surgeon in Boston with extensive training and experience who has performed approximately 3,000 temple, brow and face lift procedures.


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