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Success in Face Lift is the Sume of Many Details

Published: September 14, 2012

Before performing any facelift, a detailed analysis of the person’s anatomy is mandatory. We need to understand the aging-related changes that happened over time and how to reverse them. The same is true when patients request revision surgery after previous face and neck lifts. More challenging a procedure than the first time around, it allows … Continue reading Success in Face Lift is the Sume of Many Details

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How We Help Patients to Quit Smoking Before Facelift

Published: August 30, 2012

We all know about the negative health impacts of smoking. In addition, smoking also accelerates the aging process. This may be the reason why so many smokers are interested in face and neck lift surgery. Unfortunately, performing a facelift in smokers is risky business.

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Will Fat Grafting Replace a Facelift?

Published: June 2, 2009

Aging of the face is not only due to sagging of facial tissues but also deflation: we lose youthful facial roundness over the years. Combine this volume loss with drooping of facial tissues and you see the early and advanced signs of aging: facial hollowness, loss of soft contours, jowls and neck looseness. Facial fat … Continue reading Will Fat Grafting Replace a Facelift?

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