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Dermabrasion is the art of removing superficial skin layers to allow healthier and cosmetically more attractive skin to emerge. In the case of dermabrasion, the skin resurfacing is performed mechanically to the desired depth.


Microdermabrasion has become a popular adjunct to the modern skin care offered by estheticians. There is no downtime for the patient after microdermabrasion as the skin will look refreshed and healthy immediately after a successful treatment.

Doctor strength dermabrasion carries this treatment to a deeper skin level. This advanced procedure results in a more dramatic improvement and it therefore requires a period of recovery for the patient, usually in the order of one week.

Dr. Fechner performs surgical dermabrasion under sterile conditions in the office or in conjunction with other procedures in the surgical suite. One of the common cosmetic indications for dermabrasion is rejuvenation around the mouth where deep lines and furrows can be bothersome to a patient.

Dermabrasion can also be effective in the improvement of facial scars by smoothening and flattening their appearance.

Appropriate preparation, skillful performance and diligent care after dermabrasion is important for minimal downtime and maximal benefits. During a private consultation, Dr. Fechner will discuss if dermabrasion is appropriate for the specific concerns the patient may have.

While the plastic surgery clinic is located in Worcester, Dr. Fechner has dermabrasion and microdermabrasion patients from throughout the Boston area and Massachusetts.


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