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Also called IPL or BBL photofacial treatments, photorejuvenation is a laser-like treatment primarily used to lighten, remove or reduce pigmentation problems, such as age spots, brown blotches, freckles, redness, rosacea, and broken blood vessels. It may also be used to stimulate collagen production for improved skin texture and to temporarily reduce oiliness, and make pores appear smaller.

Under the guidance of our double-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fechner, your photorejuvenation treatment will be administered carefully and accurately to achieve the maximum improvement.

How does photorejuvenation work?

An Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Broad Band Light (BBL) device is aimed at the target area, and the light beam is absorbed by the area below the surface skin. For pigmentation issues related to redness, such as broken blood vessels or rosacea, the beam is aimed at the hemoglobin, or red blood cells. For age spots or freckles, it is aimed at the melatonin, which is what causes the skin to look darker. The hemoglobin or melatonin is then absorbed by the body, reducing the “color” in the treatment area.

Do the treatments work immediately?

Depending on the severity of the redness or the dark spots, a patient usually requires 3 – 6 treatments, though some require more. Treatments are spaced a month apart, and there will be improvement with each one. So although each, individual treatment should produce results quickly, the full benefits will not be seen until the complete course of treatments has been delivered.

What should I expect during the treatment?treatment?

Your eyes will be covered by special glasses or pads to protect them, and a cooling gel will be smoothed over the treatment area. The device is placed gently against your skin, and short pulses of light will flash. While not painful, it may feel like someone is lightly snapping a rubber band against your skin.

After the treatment, the gel is gently wiped off and a sunscreen is applied. If there is any swelling, a cold pack will be applied for a few minutes.

What is the typical healing and recovery time?

If the treatment targeted veins, the area will generally be slightly redder for 2 - 5 days, but you can gently apply makeup immediately following the treatment.

Age spots and freckles usually look darker for 3 – 7 days, although there may be some crusting, which can last up to 10 days.


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