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A double chin is a cosmetic problem for many people, even those who are not overweight. Submental (under the chin) fat often detracts from the definition of the jawline, makes a person look heavier, and adds years to a person’s appearance. Until recently, the only cosmetic solutions for a double chin were facelift surgery and liposuction.

Dr. Fechner always stays on the cutting edge of the latest developments in aesthetics, and offers his patients advanced, non-surgical treatments for the double chin. CoolMini neck sculpting is a safe, non-surgical treatment to reduce submental fat and create more attractive contours in the neck and jawline. As with any facial procedure, the most critical issue is the hands behind the treatment. Dr. Fechner and his highly trained master aestheticians are personally committed to maximizing the results with custom anti-aging treatments.

What are CoolMini neck treatments?

CoolMini is a completely non-invasive treatment using patented CoolSculpting technology. The CoolMini device was approved by the FDA in late 2015 for fat reduction in the area under the chin. Depending on the patient and the amount of fat under the chin, one to three treatments can create a dramatic improvement in submental fullness with minimal side effects.

There are no needles, no anesthetic, and no downtime with CoolMini neck sculpting in Worcester. Results appear over time, as the body naturally absorbs and removes destroyed fat cells.

How do CoolMini neck treatments work?

This treatment uses CoolSculpting technology known as cryolipolysis. Controlled cooling in the area under the chin destroys fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. The body removes the dead fat cells through its natural processes to significantly reduce fat under the chin with long-lasting results.

Benefits of CoolMini Neck Sculpting

One session of CoolMini neck treatment takes approximately one hour to perform and can destroy approximately one-third of the fat beneath the chin. This is a safe, effective, easily-tolerated procedure to correct a double chin that does not require taking time out of your life to rest and recover.

Frank P. Fechner, M.D. is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Boston with more years of experience, and a practice focused on surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures of the face.


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