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Facial scars may be the result of accidental cuts and other trauma, surgical procedures or medical conditions. If scars have healed well in an advantageous location, they may be barely noticeable and therefore not pose a cosmetic concern.

On the other hand, when incisions are placed inappropriately or facial scars have healed poorly, they can result in undesired stigmatization for the person and therefore leave the patient uncomfortable with his or her own facial appearance.

The approach to revising scars of the face is based on understanding of natural wound healing and the ability of the facial plastic surgeon to modulate and influence this process for an optimal outcome. Comprehensive scar revision surgery first requires a thorough evaluation of the area of concern and then a delineation of treatment options.

For instance, a procedure relatively easy for the patient may be the judicious injection of topical steroids into the scar tissue for softening and smoothening.

Skin resurfacing techniques techniques can also improve the scar appearance, especially if done early before the scar has healed entirely.

A new treatment for scars is Collagen Induction Therapy which represents a breakthrough especially for acne scarring.

For scars where the location and size require surgical intervention, Dr. Fechner applies various surgical techniques. Based on the principles that the observer’s eye can easily identify a straight scar, Dr. Fechner often changes directions of the scar for a better blend with natural skin creases and he breaks it up into camouflage patterns that are more complex.

Due to the natural tendency of scars to contract, some may lead to interference with normal function of the eyelid, mouth or nose and scar revision helps to normalize these structures.

During a private consultation, Dr. Fechner will explain which options are available for the particular scar and decide with the patient on the appropriate treatment plan. Scar revision is performed as an outpatient procedure.


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