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Press And Media Featuring Dr. Fechner

Dr. Fechner has been featured in the press and media several times for the various procedures and work that he performs and at which he continues to excel.

The Plastic Surgery ‘Zoom Boom’

"...the sheer number of hours Dr. Fechner’s patients had spent staring themselves down on Zoom during the spring of 2020 had left some feeling insecure, or at the very least, self-reflective. They wanted a quick fix. A "Zoom Boom" ensued."

click here to read this article from Worcester Magazine

Worcester Living

Helping hands – Plastic surgeon weaves humanitarian endeavors into his work click here to read this article from Worcester Living.

Lifestyle Lift® On Chanel 7 Boston

“Lifestyle Lift® – The procedure will have you looking years younger in a very short amount of time.”

– Broadcasted on Chanel 7 Boston (May 2005)

Collagen Induction Therapy

“Promising New Treatment for Acne Scaring, Collagen Induction Therapy, Brings Hope says Leading Massachusetts Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgeon”

– Published in Canadian Cosmetic Surgery and several other media outlets (February 2005)

Read the article from Emedia Wire

Facelift On Boston’s WB56 Healthwatch

“Facelift under Local Anesthesia – Sixty Minutes to a Younger Looking You.” – Broadcasted on WB56 (October 2005)

Massachusetts Plastic Surgery Center Receives Nationally Recognized Quality Seal

“Central Massachusetts cosmetic surgery center of facial plastic surgeon Dr. Frank P. Fechner awarded highest marks from Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.” – PRWeb (August 2008)

Click here to read the full press release on PRWeb.com

Plastic Surgeon Advances Fast-Recovery Facelift Procedure

“As American baby boomers continue to search for options to stay as young-looking as they feel, the recently introduced minimal-invasive Finesse Lift™ represent one of the most popular facelift alternatives to reverse signs of facial aging, notes Massachusetts facelift specialist Dr. Frank P. Fechner.” – PRWeb (November 2007)

Click here to read the full press release on PRWeb.com

Smoking Cessation For Cosmetic Surgery Patients

“But are we missing an opportunity to provide an even greater service to our patients? By actively engaging them in the smoking cessation process, we not only bring them closer to their cosmetic surgery goals, but we also aid them in achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

– Posted on AdvanceWeb.com (December 2009)

Fast-Recovery Facelift On NBC30

“It rejuvenates your look without major surgery or several weeks of recovery time.”

– Broadcasted on NBC30 (April 2005)

Click here to read the story from NBC

Mini Facelift In Cosmetic Surgery Times

“Safety, short recovery top of patient list of goals for mini-facelift”

– Published in Cosmetic Surgery Times (September 2003)

Click here to read the story on the Cosmetic Surgery Times website Click here to see an image of the Printed Edition

Gym Bod Goals: 5 Reasons to Try This New Body Contouring Treatment

“When you’re up in the gym just working on your fitness, it can be frustrating to plateau in progress. You’re at the weight you want and you feel healthy, but you can’t achieve the killer six pack you’ve always wanted."

Click here to read the full article


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