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The latest technology in non-invasive body contouring is now offered by plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Fechner and his FechnerMD Medical Spa. Because of their leadership and experience, Dr. Fechner and his experienced team were chosen by the maker of the Emsculpt device, BTL Aesthetics, as one of few U.S. Academic Centers for Emsculpt. It is at FechnerMD where other plastic surgeons and med spas learn about this revolutionary treatment.

Improved Body Shape by Building Muscle and Burning Fat

Emsculpt is a great option for people interested in toning and tightening of their abdominal muscles and their buttocks. As a natural adjunct to our Coolsculpting treatments and skin toning therapies such as Ultherapy, Emsculpt strengthens the muscles, all without gym membership or recovery. With simple 30-minute treatments, results similar to 20,000 sit-ups are achieved leading to muscle mass enlargement of 16 percent. At the same time, studies demonstrate a surprising fat reduction of up to 19 percent – all leading to more toned and defined abs and lifted buttocks.

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Technological Advancement for Body Sculpting

EMSCULPT’s unique non-invasive technology relies on HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy allows muscle contractions at their maximal power. The contractions are even stronger than what you could achieve during your voluntary exercise, a power level termed supra-maximal muscle contractions.

This high-intensity muscle work leads to remodeling and enhancing a person’s muscles as well as fat burning.

Emsculpt is right for you if you would like to:

  • Achieve an improved and well-toned stomach
  • Obtain a non-surgical butt lift
  • Have more muscle mass and less fat
  • Undergo a safe, FDA-approved and no-downtime procedure.
Emsculpt Before and After
Emsculpt Before and After
Emsculpt Before and After
Emsculpt Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions About Emsculpt

Why is Emsculpt the one-of-a-kind body contouring treatment?

There is simply nothing like it: Emsculpt is the worlds first and only body shaping treatment the builds muscle and burns fat, both at the same time during a non-invasive treatment.

Which body areas and muscles can be treated?

Emsculpt treatment has been FDA-approved for the improvements of the abdomen and butt regions. Other areas of concern will likely benefit from the treatment in the future.

Am I a good candidate?

Emsculpt can benefit every person, both women and men alike who wish to improve their abs and buttocks. Although overweight patients will likely not have as much of a visible benefit, the procedure will still work. Even people who are very fit have been successfully treated with added benefit to their physique.

Does the treatment hurt?

An Emsculpt session feels like an intense workout: the muscles contract rather forcefully in rapid succession. As you can imagine, you may have some muscle soreness afterwards.

How many Emsculpt sessions will I require?

The cycle consists of four treatments within two weeks. Each Emsculpt appointment lasts 30 minutes. After that, you can determine with your provider on the most fitting maintenance regimen for you.

Does Emsculpt require a recovery or downtime?

As a fully non-invasive treatment, Emsculpt requires no preparation or aftercare. There are no needles and there is no bruising.

How does the treatment work?

The specialized Emsculpt unit emits HIFEM directly into the muscle to be targeted. Imagine a super workout where you perform 20,000 situps within 30 minutes. These extreme and fast contractions lead to enhancement of the muscle requiring the burning of fat. As a result, the musculo-adipose inner structures are remodeled.

Call for Your Appointment

If you would like to harness the benefit of the non-invasive and no-downtime Emsculpt treatment, reach out to us here at FechnerMD Medical Spa to learn how this treatment can benefit you specifically. Contact us and schedule your private consultation with one of our specialists.


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