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For ease of understanding, Dr. Fechner divides reconstructive surgery of the ear into two categories: Otoplasty surgery is the repair of protruding ears that are otherwise shaped normally, and ear reconstructive surgery for malformed, severely traumatized or even absent ears.

Otoplasty can “pin back” floppy ears, caused by the absence of anatomic folds inside the ear.

The auricle’s convoluted shape makes major reconstruction for deformed or even missing ears a challenging endeavor for both the patient and the facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon alike.

The most common conditions include microtia and ear trauma. Microtia is a congenital malformation of the outer ear and the condition poses significant stress to the family.

Significant surgical advances allow today auricular reconstruction with acceptable results. Finding a replacement for the naturally thin and pliable auricle cartilage is one of the major challenges in ear reconstruction.

Dr. Fechner uses two approaches: Replacement of the ear cartilage with a synthetic material (Medpore®) that allows incorporation of the implant by natural tissue in-growth, or the use of cartilage from other parts of the body (i.e., ribs). We perform this procedure usually in stages in order to achieve safely an optimal aesthetic result.

During the private consultation, Dr. Fechner will outline the specific needs of the patient’s particular condition including the possibility of an overnight hospital stay and recovery time.

Dr. Fechner provides ear reconstruction services to patients who come from Boston, Worcester, Natick, Framingham, Newton, and areas throughout Massachusetts. Contact the clinic to set up a consultation.


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