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Dysport Treatment by Dr. Fechner in Worcester

Dysport® treatments represent one of the most popular and effective non-invasive injections performed in our clinic. This popularity of Dysport is in part due to its ease for our patients and the superior efficacy in treating problematic and bothersome wrinkles.

With Dysport injections, Dr. Fechner is able to dramatically reduce wrinkles between the brow (“Number 11’s” or frown lines), on the side of the eyes (crow’s feet), horizontal forehead creases, the upper lip and even neck chords. Dr. Fechner uses one of the smallest needles available to help his patients achieve impressive wrinkle reduction with a series of swift and relatively comfortable injections.

As an experienced specialist in facial aesthetics, Dr. Fechner is a sought-after lecturer in the field at plastic surgery conferences throughout the US and abroad.

In Boston and Worcester, he teaches residents and fellows at Harvard and UMass in his advanced plastic surgery techniques. Dr. Fechner enjoys to complement his surgical treatments with non-invasive injectables such as Dysport and fillers hereby extending surgery’s durability or to delay the need for invasive facial rejuvenation.

Advantages of Dysport Injections

Dr. Fechner uses Dysport because of its effectiveness and multiple benefits that include:

  • Excellent safety for his patients proven in more than 10,000 treatments;
  • Effective treatment of various types of dynamic wrinkles including crows feet, frown or scowl grooves, forehead wrinkles etc.;
  • Quick injections as a “lunch-time procedure” without recovery;
  • Clinical results that become apparent as early as 48 to 72 hours after injection;
  • Excellent in combination with laser skin treatments and injectable fillers such as Restylane;
  • Extremely favorable side effect profile.

Millions of DYSPORT® injections are performed every year with few serious side effects. Working with experienced injectors as Dr. Fechner and his professional staff can dramatically reduce your chances of complications and improve your clinical results.

DYSPORT® Treatment Areas

For our Worcester patients, we use DYSPORT® injections to treat:

  • Frown lines in the forehead between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet originating from the corners of the eyes
  • Lines around the mouth where lipstick can bleed into
  • Neck chords
  • Prominent chewing muscles (masseter muscle hypertrophy) for jawline shaping
  • Excessive sweating (axilla and elsewhere)

DYSPORT® works amazingly well in the upper third of the face: scowl wrinkles between the brows, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead, and crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes. Dr. Fechner frequently employs DYSPORT® to soften unattractive vertical wrinkles involving the upper lip and around the mouth. In addition the eyebrows can be elevated and relaxing the platysma muscle of the neck can treat unsightly neckbands.

How Does DYSPORT® Work?

So-called dynamic facial wrinkles are the result of inadvertent contraction of the animation muscles. Our skin folds in predetermined lines repeatedly, sometimes hundreds of times a day. Over the years, the skin texture changes and the wrinkles become ingrained into the skin’s surface. In addition, because of these frequent muscle contractions in certain facial zones (forehead, around the eyes and mouth), often the muscles enter a state of spasm.

DYSPORT® blocks the signal transmission from the nerves to muscles, allowing the facial muscles to relax hereby smoothing the wrinkles that they caused. Subconscious muscle action is blocked, but after a few months, the nerve-to-muscle signal conduction starts to work more and more. This explains why treatments with Botox and Dysport are temporary and self-limited.

Dr. Fechner has keen understanding of the precise anatomy of the face. During each surgical procedure he is able to study variations of muscle anatomy from person to person and how these differences translate to the skin surface. In order to be able to perform DYSPORT® treatments successfully, Dr. Fechner determines the unique muscle structure and balance for each patient which allows him to accurately treat only the muscles intended.

Relaxing neighboring muscle groups will invariably lead to undesired outcomes.

I have not heard about Dysport treatments for the lips. How does it work?

Women are commonly bothered by wrinkles of the upper (and sometimes lower) lips. These “smoker’s lines” are the result of lip pursing as in kissing, drinking from a straw or smoking. This repeated animation of the lips due to contraction of a circular muscle around the mouth contributes to aging changes of the mouth. Dr. Fechner has perfected the art of Dysport injections over the years.

With tiny but meaningful DYSPORT® treatments of the lips, we reduce their muscle action without interference with eating, speaking or kissing. Of course, Dr. Fechner performs many other treatments for lip improvements including use of injectable fillers, fat transfer and CO2 laser resurfacing but none of these other modalities relaxes the lip musculature.

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Is Dysport a new injectable?

Dr. Fechner has been using Dysport successfully for close to ten years. Developed in the United Kingdom in the early nineties, it has been available in Europe and other parts of the world for much longer than here in the US. Similar to Botox, DYSPORT® was originally used for other conditions treatable by relaxing over-active muscles including ocular disorders, spasms and excessive sweating.

Which are the most common problems treatable with Dysport?

Similar to Botox, DYSPORT® improves wrinkles caused by repeated movements or hyperactive muscle action involving the forehead crow’s feet and lip wrinkles. Dr. Fechner takes advantage of his vast experience and treats less common problems such as the gummy smile, chin dimpling, bunny lines, square jaw, droopy eyelid and asymmetries in facial expression, to name a few.

How are DYSPORT® injections performed?

For the patient, Dysport injections are relatively simple and quick. With the tiniest needles available, Dr. Fechner and his team treat the areas of concerns with precision and care. The treatment takes usually less than five minutes. Bruising is very rare and mosquito-bite-like little bumps usually dissipate after 30 minutes. Pain is minimal due to Dr. Fechner’s injection technique and the use of the smallest available needle. The tiny pinches are easily tolerated, even by the most sensitive person.

Are benefits of DYSPORT® injection immediate?

No, it usually takes two to three days before you will note an improvement. Dr. Fechner explains, that the result “will sneak up on you” during the first couple of days, but the full effect may take 10 days to develop. It has been Dr. Fechner’s experience that Dysport works slightly quicker than Botox.

Is DYSPORT® better than Botox?

The question is widely debated amongst plastic surgeons and the makers of these products poured vast resources into marketing their version over the competitor. Although the differences are small, Dr. Fechner’s experience has been that Dysport kicks in a little earlier and may last a week or so longer. Most of our patients who experienced both products prefer DYSPORT®.

What are potential side effects?

Negative side effects after DYSPORT® injections are very rare. Patients with a tendency to easy bruising may rarely have a small mark on the injection site. In order to avoid bruising, Dr. Fechner recommends avoidance of blood thinners such as Aspirin, ibuprofen, fishoil, vitamin E etc. for 10 days before DYSPORT® injections. Some patients may develop a headache after the injection although more frequently, individuals who are prone to headaches report an improvement as a result of the treatment.


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