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If your facial features are unbalanced and you have a small or receding chin, this facial flaw can dramatically impact your overall appearance. To correct this imbalance, the first step is an aesthetic assessment of your face by Dr. Fechner, a true artist in facial balance.

This evaluation includes the profile of nose, lips and chin in their relationship as a single aesthetic unit.

Artistry in Chin Augmentation Surgery

Known for his impressive surgical skills, experience, and ability to create facial harmony and balance, along with his compassionate, warm demeanor, Dr. Fechner is a highly-sought plastic surgeon serving in the Boston area.

He has performed hundreds of chin surgeries and lectured about this topic at plastic surgery conferences.

Am I a candidate for a chin augmentation?

Both men and women come to our clinic to receive our Boston chin augmentation surgery. In Dr. Fechner’s experience, this procedure is the most effective way to create harmony and balance in facial structure and correct the following aesthetic problems:

  • Receding chin
  • Small Chin
  • Lack of chin projection
  • Overly-pointed chin
  • Unsymmetrical chin structure
  • Oddly-shaped chin

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Chin Augmentation for Men and Women in Boston

In a man, a strong chin signals vigor, masculinity, and success. In a woman, Dr. Fechner prefers a slightly smaller chin it leads to a more aesthetically pleasing and feminine look. Therefore, he performs our chin augmentation in Boston in his female patients with more conservatism.

Because there is no cookie-cutter method by which harmony and balance can be created in facial features, Dr. Fechner relies on a detailed evaluation of the individual’s facial structure. Next, he will select carefully the perfect size, shape, and projection of an implant.

Chin Implant Procedure

The chin augmentation procedure is performed on an out-patient basis in Dr. Fechner’s fully-accredited surgical suite using sedation anesthesia. A surgical technique also called “mentoplasty”, he performs this procedure often in conjunction with a rhinoplasty (nose job), neck liposuction or neck lift to create a dramatically improved facial profile.

When Frank Fechner, MD places implants to provide greater chin projection, he places a small incision only. This allows creation of a tissue pocket overlying the chin bone into which he places the carefully-selected implant to create a more pleasing look. The incision is sutured with tiny stitches. Bandages are usually not required after the chinplantation procedure. The surgery requires relatively little time to perform – but must be done with great care and precision to achieve positive results and avoid complications. Dr. Fechner uses the most advanced surgical techniques, all performed with a delicate hand – his patients count on his artistic eye and high level surgical skills.

Before & After

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Implant Materials

There are multiple different synthetic materials available on the market for our Worcester chin implant procedure. Dr. Fechner prefers the use of flexible silicone (Silastic) because of his superior track record of safety and efficacy. The silicone material provides a cosmetically pleasing appearance and is known for their longevity and excellent patient tolerance. Dr. Fechner commonly chooses chin implantation as a valuable addition for facial rejuvenation such as a facelift or when performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty.

Chin Augmentation: Recovery Time

Chin surgery is safely performed as an outpatient procedure and the recovery time is approximately one week. You will be fully informed about how to care for yourself following surgery, and Dr. Fechner will carefully evaluate your progress. Most patients experience some swelling and minor numbness of the chin for a few days. Although most of Dr. Fechner’s Worcester chin augmentation patients are presentable with a normal and enhanced look after seven days, it may require several months for the healing process to be complete. You will be required to avoid vigorous motion and exercise during recovery so your body heals correctly.

Chin Augmentation for a More Attractive Facial Profile

While facial structure is determined by your hereditary background , modern aesthetic surgery makes it possible to improve on what nature provided. You do not have to live with a weak, receding chin that you feel negatively affects your appearance. With chin augmentation Dr. Fechner is able to significantly enhance your entire facial look.

His goal of the surgery is to create the most appealing, aesthetic, natural look for you. The artistry with which Dr. Fechner performs this surgery has made him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons serving patients in the Boston area at his luxurious, discreet Worcester plastic surgery clinic.

Your Chin Augmentation – A Customized Procedure

Every person has a unique facial structure and individual issues to resolve. Some may have a receding chin, as well as excess fat beneath the chin. Every surgical procedure performed by Dr. Fechner is custom tailored to address the individual needs of the patient.

Many people are surprised to see that a nose that appeared overly large is now in balance with the facial structure after chin augmentation only. Some patients may be candidates for minor chin enhancements with natural fat transfer or with the use of injectable soft tissue fillers such as Bellafill or Voluma. What is the procedure that is right for you? The first step is a personal consultation with Dr. Fechner to evaluate your facial structure to determine the most effective surgical method to create a more appealing facial appearance.


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