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What is better than an anti-aging treatment itself? An anti-aging treatment that can help boost the effects of other treatments as well! Mesotherapy does both. Tiny injections target the meso-dermal layer of skin where microchannels are created, using our advanced technology, to deposit a custom combination of vitamins and enzymes to brighten and tighten the skin. We can also top that off with hyaluronic acid or mesobotox for added benefits! Mesotherapy is a great way to maintain flawless skin in between injectable treatments, as it will keep you looking healthy, radiant, and hydrated. This treatment produces minimal discomfort and downtime, it helps smooth out lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, and improves skin tone and texture. The best part: visible results after just one treatment!

24K Gold Face Cocktail

Indulge in the power of gold for youthful, glowing skin! Ever heard of medical grade dermal infusion? Let us tell you all about it… Our new 24K Gold Face Cocktail is a luxurious treatment that will revitalize tired looking skin! We make a customized serum cocktail just for you that consists of growth factors, vitamins, and peptides. This serum is injected into the skin with gold plated micro needles. Why gold? This helps reduce the chance of allergic reaction and irritation. Don’t be scared though, this treatment boasts minimum discomfort with maximum results! By causing slight trauma to the skin we are able to stimulate collagen production which helps to decrease pore size, improve skin texture, and restore skin elasticity. This is a series of 3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get glowing!

Acne scars, sun damage, and wrinkles don’t stand a chance when it comes to CO2 Laser Resurfacing! This treatment is known as the “Gold Standard” of anti-aging laser treatments. And for good reason - it takes just one treatment to see amazing results that last up to 5+ years! The precision of the laser greatly reduces the risk of any thermal injury beyond what is desired for optimal treatment results. This laser is able to treat both superficial and deeper layers of the skin to provide maximum benefits boasting a refreshed, bright, and youthful complexion that lasts!

Got scars? How about stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation? Your answer could be Venus Viva™, aka Microneedling RF. This resurfacing treatment can handle just about anything you throw at it. Tiny pin pricks are administered with heat (via NanoFractional Radio Frequency) to create microscopic wounds. Sounds painful? It’s not! This just triggers your body’s natural healing response which in turn repairs any damage on the surface of the skin. You may experience some redness for up to 3 days after the treatment, as your skin heals. We recommend 3 treatments, four to six weeks apart for best results! This is a good treatment for all skin tones and types.

If you’re looking for a complete resurfacing, this may be the peel for you! The MicroLaser Peel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance. We love this peel because it can be administered with great precision of depth, delivering transformative results. The benefits of this peel include improving skin texture and sun damage, banishing fine lines and wrinkles, and producing overall healthier skin! The MicroLaser Peel’s beam is scanned over a treatment area, which has been covered in a topical anesthetic, to remove a very thin layer of the skin. Removing the top layer of skin eliminates some of the damaged cells that can cause skin to look aged and tired. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area, giving you a fresh look! You’ll need about 5-7 days of downtime to allow the peel to work its magic. Although excellent results can be seen after just one treatment, the number of treatments varies patient to patient. Who is ready to peel?

If you live an active lifestyle and just don’t wear as much sunscreen as you should, then you might have exposed yourself to harmful sun rays that can do some serious damage on the appearance of skin. That, combined with the natural aging process can leave us with all kinds of sunspots, freckles, facial veins, and even rosacea. If this sounds like your skin, then BBL/IPL might be a good treatment for you! Broadband light/IPL, sometimes referred to as Photofacial, is a photorejuvenation treatment that helps treat skin conditions associated with aging and sun damage by using gentle light rays to deliver heat to the surface of your skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to heal, leaving your new skin spotless! A single treatment is quick (30 minutes) with a mild amount of discomfort. You can expect temporary pigment darkening, some redness, and mild swelling - but this is all normal and just means the treatment is working its magic behind the scenes! This treatment is part of a series, meaning we recommend having 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart and then quarterly maintenance treatments to see just how beautiful your skin can become!

Liquid Laser (PRX-T33)

Love the results of laser resurfacing but don’t love the discomfort and healing process? Enter this painless treatment with absolutely no downtime, which can be used on any and all skin types, any time of year, and boasts instant firming results! This unique treatment uses a combination of H2O2 and high concentrations of TCA applied once a week for 4 weeks using a perfected technique to fully transform the skin. This treatment is ideal for aging, lax, crepey skin and even stretch marks! It can be applied to the face or body (chest, knees, upper arms, neck, and stomach) for a complete skin rejuvenation. Providing hydration while resurfacing over the course of a month, this service will completely renew your skin! Each treatment consists of 3 steps: Stimulate, Restore, and Maintain. During step one, our expert aestheticians will use a specific massage technique to apply the solution to the treated area. You may experience some tingling during this step. Step two calls for nourishment and protection. The aesthetician will apply a hydrating cream consisting of high quality shea butter as well as vitamins A and E to restore the hydrolipidic film. The last step is where you come in. We trust that you’ll follow careful instructions to apply the Facial Smoothing Fluid every day at home. This fluid contains a low pH glycolic acid (8%) which aids in prolonging and enhancing dermal stimulation. This treatment is a complete resurfacing without the pain! Schedule a consultation to find out if this treatment is right for you.

ProFractional Laser Therapy

Let’s talk lasers. This laser procedure is quick and comfortable and improves the overall appearance of your skin. This treatment is best suited to improve scars, including acne, and deep lines and wrinkles. Sounds exciting? It gets better! It also has the power to refine the skin, improve skin texture, and reverse sun damage. ProFractional Laser Therapy uses a tiny laser beam to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin. Because only a fraction of your skin is directly treated with the laser, the surrounding untreated tissue promotes rapid healing. The skin’s wound healing response is triggered to create new collagen and elastin, eliciting a complete skin transformation! You can expect about 5-7 days of downtime with peeling and some redness. Depending on your skin type, you may need one or a few treatments.

A great way to stimulate collagen production is with microneedling! This minimally invasive treatment utilizes multiple tiny, sterile needles that puncture the skin’s surface which creates micro injuries triggering your body’s natural healing response. This process stimulates collagen production whereby increased collagen keeps your skin looking more youthful with a smoother, firmer appearance. Microneedling can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improve scarring, and enhance elasticity in skin. Numbing cream is applied to the treated area making this a painless treatment. Recovery is typically short, with only some redness lasting about a week. There are a few ways to boost your microneedling results such as including PRP or radiofrequency with the treatment.


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