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Anesthesia For Facial Cosmetic Procedures

When Dr. Fechner selects anesthesia for facial cosmetic procedures, patient safety is of utmost importance. In addition, patient comfort and privacy play a role when cosmetic surgery is planned.

Avoidance Of General Anesthesia – Fast Recovery After Facial Cosmetic Procedures

One of the greatest advances in Dr. Fechner’s facial cosmetic surgery practice has been the avoidance of general anesthesia. The advantages of this approach have been multifold: faster recovery for our facial cosmetic patients, successful prevention of nausea and vomiting after surgery and a substantial decrease in time necessary for Dr. Fechner to perform the procedures. In conjunction with Dr. Fechner’s innovative and minimally invasive plastic surgery techniques, these advantages help minimize recovery time and allow for a faster return to the patient’s everyday activities.

Deciding The Right Anesthesia Option For The Cosmetic Surgery Patient

A thorough discussion between the patient and Dr. Fechner will identify the best anesthesia technique for each patient. Possible methods include local anesthesia for facial cosmetic procedures where the region can easily be numbed (comparable to what one would experience at the dentist’s office). For relaxation purposes, Dr. Fechner frequently adds a mild sedative before initiation of cosmetic surgery. Sometimes, conscious sedation may be preferable to achieve the optimal environment for the proposed facial cosmetic procedure. Conscious sedation, sometimes also called “twilight anesthesia”, is a technique where the patient does not feel or remember anything but still breathes by him or herself and can be awakened within a short period of time.

Again, the right anesthesia option will be decided with the patient during the consultation with Dr. Fechner.

* Results may vary by individual.


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