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With aging comes sagging skin, a loss of definition in the features, a reduction in fat volume, and lowered self-confidence in one’s appearance. While many clients would like nothing more than to reverse these trends, they may not be quite ready for an invasive surgery such as a facelift. That is where the PDO thread lift steps in. This safe, minimally invasive procedure can provide instant improvement in the skin’s texture while simultaneously boosting collagen production for a smoother, firmer complexion. The PDO Max Thread Lift performed at Dr. Fechner’s premier facility is designed to transform your look and restore a youthful self-image.

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a way to provide significantly improved scaffolding for the skin, lifting the facial structures and combating skin laxity. It can be used to correct weak areas around the eyes, the cheeks, the jowls, the neck and the brows.

During treatment, only local anesthesia is required. The threads used are biocompatible, so they will eventually be absorbed by the body over time. Threads are typically injected in the same manner as dermal fillers are applied, but in certain cases they can be delivered using microcannulas, which leave less bruising and facilitate a quicker recovery. Most patients resume normal activities within about 48 hours.

What is PDO Max?

PDO Max is a thread product approved by the FDA to help reduce the signs of aging non-surgically. This treatment can be delivered to the skin through cannulas, or slender tubes. Each PDO Max product is engineered with a specific purpose in mind. Levo (barbed) threads can help to lift the facial contours, reverse the ravages of aging, and revitalize your look instantly. Smuth (smooth) threads can help fill depleted contours and tighten sagging skin structures, with results continuing to improve for up to 30 days after application. Both PDO Max options stimulate the body’s natural collagen growth, smoothing away wrinkles, lines and creases while providing the patient with a radiant, youthful glow.

What are the benefits of a thread lift?

  • Safe, FDA-approved and non-invasive
  • No scarring, incisions, or lengthy downtime
  • Helps boost collagen renewal
  • Lifts and tightens sagging contours
  • Corrects poor skin texture and tone
  • Creates a more youthful, inviting countenance
  • Enhances self-confidence

Who makes an ideal candidate for a thread lift?

Good candidates for a thread lift are typically younger than 55 years old and are not interested in undergoing a surgical facelift. Rather, they are looking for a safe, viable way to correct age-related sagging, wrinkles and lines non-invasively. Patients should be healthy non-smokers who are realistic in what they hope to achieve with the procedure. This is based on a private consultation with our team in Boston.

What happens after my procedure?

After a thread lift, patients may experience some mild redness, tightness and tenderness at the treatment sites. Other than those particular side effects, there is little downtime for a thread lift. It is recommended that you follow up after 6 months, at which point your procedure can be repeated to help prolong your results. However, you will continue to see positive changes in your complexion for up to 12 months after your initial session. In order to get the most out of your thread lift, it’s important that you continue to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Why choose Dr. Fechner?

Dr. Fechner is a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who is passionate about providing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art anti-aging solutions to his clients in the Boston and greater Worcester areas. His training includes a demanding 4-year Harvard residency at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston, where he honed his abilities in the complex area of face, neck and head surgery. Dr. Fechner combines extensive knowledge and skill with a sophisticated artistry that yields natural-looking outcomes tailored to each client’s unique needs.


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