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Our CO2 laser is one of the greatest advancements in rejuvenating treatments for aging and sun-damaged skin. Our practice chose this laser so that we can design non-surgical treatments that address fine lines, deep wrinkles, texture irregularities, and scarring all at once.

Using this innovative technology, we are able to treat both superficial layers as well as the deep dermis. This allows us to precisely target the skin’s collagen fibers, dramatically smooth facial lines, and lighten sun-damaged areas.

A Leader in Facial Rejuvenation: Dr. Fechner

While helping our patients determine which treatment options would be best for them, we often include laser treatments as an effective anti-aging solution. Dr. Fechner is a leading authority in facial rejuvenation and our practitioners are highly skilled at guiding patients in the direction that will best meet their aesthetic goals. With that in mind, CO2 laser treatments may be part of our patient’s customized anti-aging treatment plan.

How does our CO2 laser differ from other cosmetic lasers?

Because of its impressive efficacy, our CO2 laser has become the “gold standard” in skin rejuvenation. Many other cosmetic laser treatments recommend around 4 or more treatments in order to achieve a reasonable result. In contrast, our CO2 laser will deliver dramatic improvements after just one treatment session.

How does CO2 laser resurfacing work?

The laser works by sending powerful and microscopically thin beams of light energy into the skin. Fine layers of surface skin are removed. The aged and loosened collagen fibers supporting the skin are remodeled and tightened, producing improvements in the appearance of wrinkles and texture. Through the restructuring process, the skin appears healthier, smoother and softer. Immediate collagen tightening leads to long-term collagen remodeling. The remodeling takes some time to mature, and improvements continue in the months ahead.

Who would benefit from a CO2 laser treatment?

We utilize our CO2 laser as a single treatment option for aging and sun-damaged skin. It is optimally used for patients who do not want to have multiple treatment sessions but want to see significant improvements of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Most patients will come to us with a combination of sun damage pigmentation, lines, wrinkles and possibly some scarring. The face, neck and chest can all be effectively treated. Our practitioners are typically able to address all of these issues in one treatment.

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What is the treatment like?

Our goal is maximum comfort for our patients during the procedure. Therefore, although not required, we typically provide a light sedative when patients arrive for their appointment. The treatment area (most often the full face), is also numbed with a local anesthetic. The treatment time is around 30 -40 minutes. During the treatment fine layers of the skin are removed and loose collagen fibers contract, leading to softening wrinkles and lines and improving skin texture.

How long is the recovery after CO2 laser resurfacing?

With the CO2 laser treatment, the recovery time is typically two weeks. Initially, you may feel like you are sunburned; over the course of the week following the treatment, the skin will peel revealing new reddish-pink smooth skin. Depending on skin type and extent of treatment, the majority of our patients are able to apply mineral based make-up after 10-12 days. The pinkness will begin to fade over the following week or so. Healing time can vary slightly between patients.

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