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An excessively high hairline or overly long forehead can appear out of proportion with the features and detract from facial balance. This cosmetic problem can be caused by hair loss, prior surgery, or can even just be hereditary. It can make a person feel self-conscious and seriously limit hairstyle choices.

Dr. Frank Fechner is a facial plastic surgeon in Boston who performs hairline lowering surgery with or without forehead lift to effectively and significantly lower the hairline.

Dr. Fechner is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with almost a twenty-year experience in face and neck surgery. He exclusively performs surgery of the face and neck.

As a leader in his field and personally dedicated to his patients, Dr. Fechner is an authority on facial surgery, a teacher for other plastic surgeons and is a resource for trainees at Harvard and UMass. Dr. Fechner enjoys forehead surgery and continues to lecture about his experience and technique nationally and internationally.

What Is a Hairline Lowering Forehead Surgery?

Also known as forehead reduction or hairline advancement, a hairline lowering forehead lift is an effective way to move the hairline forward. Dr. Fechner performs this procedure either alone or in combination with hair transplants or other procedures.

The degree of hairline advancement depends on several factors, including:

  • Scalp laxity
  • Hairline height before surgery
  • Patient preference

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Hairline Lowering Forehead Lift?

Women and men in good general health who believe their hairline is too high or their forehead is too long may be good candidates for a hairline lowering lift in Worcester & Boston. Sufficient scalp laxity is important in this procedure. Many of Dr. Fechner’s patients wish also a lift of their brows in combination with the forehead shortening surgery. To find out if you are a good candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fechner.

How Is Hairline Lowering Surgery Performed?

A hairline lowering forehead lift is typically performed on an outpatient basis under sedation anesthesia. The incision is placed along the hairline through which the scalp is advanced forward which results in a lower hairline. In addition, the forehead skin is broad backwards, which allows removal of excess skin – usually in the range of two to 3 cm (one inch or more). The scalp is secured in its new location and the incisions are closed with small skin sutures.

As the hair grows over the incision lines after surgery, they become increasingly inconspicuous. Frank P. Fechner, M.D. is a skilled facial plastic surgeon serving the Greater Boston area who strategically places incisions to minimize visible scarring.


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