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Remarkable Results without Surgery

To achieve a truly remarkable result requires outstanding skill and knowledge. Dr. Fechner, as a plastic surgeon who achieved double board certification, has made face and neck enhancement his life’s work. He stays at the leading edge in advancements in cosmetic technology, and offers customized non-surgical face treatments that produce stellar, almost facelift-like results.

Aging is part of life, there is simply no way to avoid it. As a result of loss of beneficial fat, collagen and elastin, our faces start looking sunken and droopy. The cheeks lose their supple fullness and start to appear saggy and hollow.

The defined jawline of youth now shows jowls and there are groves pulling the mouth corners downward. In addition, there are a multitude of other facial changes including hollow eyes, sagging skin leading to wrinkles, turkey neck and a slew of other terms we wish were not be part of our vocabulary to describe us.

Most of us would like to turn back the clock and have a younger, fresher, more radiant face, but a surgical facelift is not for everyone. Fortunately, Dr. Fechner can achieve remarkable improvements for you without surgery, through the expert-use of injectables and other minimally invasive procedures.

Q-Lift™ = Quick Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Through Dr. Fechner’s experience with facelift surgery, he is able to provide for his suited patients significant rejuvenation without surgery. He applies FDA-approved gel-like soft tissue fillers to bring back youthful softness and balanced contours to his patients. The Q-Lift is Quick: Dr. Fechner completes the whole Q-Lift treatment in 30 minutes and he is able to avoid incisions and anesthesia for fitting candidates.

Because there are a number of injectables dermal fillers available, Dr. Fechner will harness advantageous characteristics of the filler products for the client’s skin type and treatment area. Dr. Fechner prefers the smart use of skinny cannulas for a virtual pain free, easy injection process with only small risks of bruising.

No-hassle Recovery after Q-Lift

In contrast to facelift surgery, most Q-Lift patients are able to go about their normal routine the day after the procedure, sometimes with the helping touch of makeup to cover temporary imperfections. The improvements are immediate and patients enjoy a benefit well beyond one year.

How do I decide if the Q-Lift is right for me?

During your consultation, Dr. Fechner will discuss your hopes and expectations, and review your options for meeting your aesthetic goals. This will include answering your questions and concerns about how the procedure works, your candidacy for the Q-Lift, possible side effects, cost, and other information so you can make an informed decision. In general, the Q-Lift comes at a third of the cost for a surgical facelift. Our patients love the results and have been pleasantly surprised by the long-lasting benefits.

Dr. Fechner’s goal is to help you achieve the loveliness you desire and make “catching yourself in the mirror” bring you pleasure.


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